Friday, July 5, 2019

Boss Fights!

Boss fights! As requested. These were painted and animated along with the new enemies. These stages will break up the monotony of the usual gameplay.

Each must be defeated at the end of each area: green (poison/nature), red (fire), blue (cold), white (physical).

Coming along. The new tiger and tortoise heroes each need skills designed and programmed. Then I must finish the interfaces for the free and premium content section. Some of the newer hats need perks; the fashion statements are insufficient.

18 Hats! Names changed on specific ones, to avoid infringing on copyright

These are all the things I have written to accomplish, before I depart this Airbnb on the 15th that I have been renting for one month. This place comes with an amazing desk, TV (second monitor). The chair looks funny, but is comfortable and the correct height.

Afterward, I'll get on a bus or train to the next country which out here is only ever 4-8 hours away. Whether I stay a week or month, I like to write down a list of tasks to accomplish. In the games industry, these are called milestones, yet my "office" changes along with it.

There is a specific publisher I would like to work with, but only after I create a trailer video. This will be the third time I go for a sales route by selling copies.

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Anonymous said...

Loving the color choices on the Boss screenshots