Friday, January 31, 2020

Goal reached

I have a playable demo of the first 20 minutes of this game. This was my goal when I settled in this studio apartment for three months to just focus on this project. This last month was the hardest, much like how game development can be. I am ready to move on to a new place, and surround myself with other remote workers by renting coworking space in my next destination.

There are bugs and problems. But at least now I have something to show. Adding more missions and weapons is not necessarily difficult, because all the systems are in place. Adding in the starting pistol seriously took one day to draw, implement, and apply audio.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Truck mode

The last mission of the first chapter will be transportation to the next town. And of course more shooting and zombies.

The orthographic camera is "zoomed out" a bit to increase the amount of horizontal space.

For this mission the player has control of the vertical movement of the truck to avoid obstacles and aim at incoming zombies. It would not be hard to support other vehicles like scooters and motorcycles, maybe where you control the vehicle but an NPC or player online controls the shooting.

Monday, January 6, 2020

Loose ends

Just about all the audio is finished. I have been finishing all the loose ends to bring the first 15 minutes of the game together. All the missions, weapons, coins, and currently animated zombies, will be showcased as an early build at least on the Google Play app store.

In addition to reward boxes as shown above, I took a while to contemplate the progression and in-game currency. Each mission completed provides one star to upgrade anything by one point, in addition to requiring coins where prices scale exponentially. There will be an option to reset all stars, but coins are not refunded. I think this will work the way I have in mind.