Monday, June 19, 2017

Almost there

A little closer each day! I am satisfied with the way this feels and plays. I changed lot of interfaces to make it more legible on smaller devices like phones. The game has been simplified for the casual audience, while still retaining a lot of the original concepts I wanted.

I added weapons that have limited durability, or, clicks/taps until the weapon must be discarded. Enemies have various elemental resistances depending on the environment, making way for some strategy in hero and upgrade selection. The game starts slow, and grows, with a constant sense of progression. I actually have started playing it, and it shows a lot of potential. After I sprinkle in some more polish and finalized features, it should be good to go.

Weapons offer a different style of play, where some players may prefer the tedious clicking/tapping, versus long term expensive heroes and upgrades.

Shown are various heroes and an equipped sword for clicking/tapping. Currency can be used to upgrade heroes, weapons, buy trinkets, etc.

Quests, showing objectives and rewards. As simple as it gets. Boxes can be selected for a description on the side. For example, enemy hitpoints, elemental resistances and weaknesses (physical, ice, fire, poison, lightning).

Similar as the interface in Zombie Guard, I used a simple node system that allows features to be added more easily, without overhauling menu and interface art. Meaning, it is easy to add additional features later.

At this point it is playable. I still want to add even more progression by offering options granted by resetting all heroes, hero skills, upgrades, gold tokens, trinkets, weapons, etc. As if resetting to the very beginning, but, with minor permanent improvements that have a very high value in the long run. For example, permanent increases in damage, increases in hero experience gains, faster weapon attacks, etc.

Sunday, June 4, 2017


In four months from now, I will be on a plane to begin my new life as a "digital nomad". This is a relatively new movement that consists of individuals who earn a living through the Internet, and work remotely as they travel sporadically.

There is no doubt my current residence of six years and social community has a lot of benefits. It is safe and we have everything we could ever need. Still, I constantly feel strained and weighed down in a way that is difficult to convey without getting into details.

...Yup! Drastic change is imminent. Vacations only have a short lasting effect on me. I need a complete change in lifestyle.

I leave October 3rd to stay in Thailand for seven months. From there, probably Vietnam, South Korea, and Japan. I am spiritually connected to Asian culture, and, I am very introverted so traveling solo is quite appealing to me. I will take my laptop and bare necessities, working on game projects wherever I go.