Wednesday, April 15, 2020


I went back-and-forth on the mechanics of this perks system. There are still some difficult decisions I have to make in regards to how the skill points can be reset and redistributed, and how skills are unlocked.

I may change the perks by connecting them into columns of three. So, the top perks are always unlocked, and will unlock the similar perk underneath each. Otherwise there may be too many options to choose from.

The art was more of a hassle than it looks. Most of the assets I licensed will be archived for future projects. I ended up with a very plain style which kinda matches the sci-fi screen effect that warps the screen like an older CRT monitor.

Friday, April 10, 2020


The update is about finished. I want to finish the perks system before I distribute the build.

One of the last missions of the first set of new missions, with help of Zoe and Bruce

Defending with Bruce's Landmines

Scooter Mission

I'm satisfied how things are turning out with this game. One piece at a time. I have all the equipment and expertise to continue, and I will.

Out of interest I have been dabbling in other branches of software development. Back end server programming, and AI with machine learning have caught my interest. I also rediscovered an interest in using an Arduino board with interesting hardware components.

...Still, I think all it does is make me appreciate game programming even more.