Thursday, January 23, 2014

Update for 2014

It has been a while since my previous post! Well, a few things have happened and I am really excited about all of them!...

  • My arm has healed well, so I am taking a spontaneous trip to NYC this weekend for the annual 48 hour Global Game Jam, hosted by NYU, like last year. This time in Brooklyn, and yes it will be frigid with terrible snowy conditions. The NYU host is the largest in North America, comparable to Vancouver, where each has well over 200 participants!

    I may work solo or with a team; each game jam is a unique experience, so there should not be any strong expectations. My end result will be based on a combination of adrenaline, caffeine, and spontaneous creativity, all fueled by delicious dollar dumplings around the block.

  • Secondly Zombie Tactics has found a sponsor, so will be released and announced very soon! The final pieces of branding and API integration is nearly finished.

  • Third, the "action rogue-like" is coming along well. I iterated on some of the overall design, and have drawn some of the characters to establish the mood. I may continue to use paper-doll animation, but now with additional redrawn body parts for more natural movements (not all shown). It tends to work well with smooth skew and scale transformations, which can provide a lot of bang for the buck.

    I was rushing this project, but have decided to push beta back to the end of February. Also it now plays more like a room-to-room Zelda style game, rather than purely open with a camera that pans.