Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Defend Your Nuts 2 is in beta!

No matter how big or small a project is, the last 10% always is the most grueling. Everything breaks down into bug-fixing, and tiny tasks marked up on some never ending list. Fortunately, everything really is coming together; Defend Your Nuts 2 has reached beta status! This moment comes at a convenient time, because I am taking some time off to travel.

This sequel actually has taken the same amount of time to develop, but I would say there is at least twice as much content and art. Conservatively, it follows a very similar design and blends some of the features from Zombie Situation. For example, you can find allies along the way, to help defend your nuts...

Additionally, there is a boss fight on the last day of story-mode...

As I write this blog entry, I begin to notice how little sense the game makes. Well, when you have to do all the programming, art, and design, while taking advantage of assets left-over from previous projects, things can turn out a bit randomly at times. In fact, this project was not even supposed to be a sequel in the first place! Despite all this, the game is more fun than its predecessor, and could very well be my most successful Flash game to date.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Defend Your Nuts 2!

I am making Defend Your Nuts 2!

Okay, so it was not my initial intention to develop this sequel - things pretty much led up to this moment. Back in the middle of September, I started on a Flash game heavily inspired by a mix of games on iOS...

It was basically functional with special abilities and specific weapons all planned out. But I felt as though I was borrowing too much (environment art style and design) while only delivering a small fraction of what could otherwise be offered. With that said, I decided to scale back a bit, and develop a sequel for Defend Your Nuts.

This time you can hire bunny allies of five unique classes (healer, warrior, rogue, wizard, archer). I have removed the option of purchasing ammunition in the shop, instead replacing it with a shovel to dig up money and ammo each round. The ability to upgrade the wall will remain. Also I chose to remove the blend of modern weaponry and support a purely fantasy theme, so land mines will no longer be an option either.