Sunday, July 28, 2019

Premium Content

I decorated the premium content section. This premium content chest actually is something unlocked in the game at around stage 12. All of these options are purchasable with real money.

Many of these pieces move and the starter pack has a sparkling effect to highlight it. The starter pack offers the best value at a reasonable price. The Tiger and Tortoise both are premium heroes that can only be purchased. They are some of the strongest heroes too, and very suitable against bosses.

This completes all the core features of the game. Now just small modifications, difficulty adjustments, and dozens of bug fixes here on out.

Friday, July 26, 2019

Synty Sale

Synty has another sale on minimal 3D models for Unity and Unreal. This sale occurred at an opportune moment because just a week ago these caught my eye as I was browsing the Unity asset store.

Low poly models have a particular look that I admire. Stylish, modern, and optimal for mobile devices. I plan to license all of these packs, even if I do not ever use certain ones. There are unlimited possibilities, and having these on hand to drag-and-drop will allow new ideas to flourish.

Regardless of the assets I use (or create) I am not inclined to make another RPG or survival shooter for my 18th project. Lately, simulation, puzzle, or physics interests me more. I would like to use certain audio and music, plus lighting and color tones through screen effects to emphasize mood.

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Consumables and Survival

Here are consumables; each potion provides a temporary bonus for one hour. I did not necessarily need this feature, but I wanted extra rewards to give out for completing missions and opening daily reward boxes. Plus, I needed more things available to buy in the premium content section.

The key is used to play the treasure hunt minigame for more rewards such as potions, coins, skills, weapons, trinkets, hats, and even additional heroes.

To add some variety, some stages are survival based. Enemies will just keep coming back, so the objective is to survive for a specific number of turns. I coded this quickly while authoring these 50 stages.

The game will continue into nightmare and hell difficulties beyond the 50th stage. It all just simply gets harder. 

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Daily Rewards

I went with a really simple approach for daily rewards. One can be chosen every 24 hours, which can give coins, consumables, or a new item.

I did not bother to prevent cheating, where users can change their system clock to reduce the countdown from the next reward; I only prevent the bug of the time difference surpassing 24 hours. Games get hacked and redistributed either way, regardless of counter-measures.

Actually each of these boxes can grant the same reward, assuming it was tapped at a specific moment down to the millisecond; time determines the random seed to determine the contents. There is no predetermined reward contained in each of these boxes, it is determined based on the time it was opened.

I prefer to at least give the illusion of choice, by offering an array of options to choose from.

Super Mario 3 does something similar. There is a bonus stage where Toad offers three chests to choose from. According to this source, the actual reward is determined by the time it was opened, regardless of the chest chosen.

Sorry for destroying the magic behind this...

Saturday, July 13, 2019


The tortoise and tiger heroes each have been programmed.

The tortoise is capable of temporarily polymorphing enemies (including bosses), creating an ice comet that damages all enemies, and energizing all heroes to cast their special skills. A very supportive hero.

The ice comet is unstable damage, meaning it does between one to maximum damage randomly. The fox can create a fire comet, but is guaranteed to do specific damage. I want to discourage players from using the tortoise for damage over supportive purposes.

The tiger is like a paladin, able to fully heal a hero, burn all armor of an enemy (unless immune), and deliver a strong melee fire attack despite hurting himself/herself in the process.

There are eight heroes, with five weapons and three skills each (64 things total). Also there are nineteen enemies, three bosses, a dozen trinkets, a dozen special gems, and eighteen hats.

...This is sufficient. I am ready to put this all together.

I'm now working on the free and premium content sections. Daily rewards, premium content, and other things like this.

Friday, July 5, 2019

Boss Fights!

Boss fights! As requested. These were painted and animated along with the new enemies. These stages will break up the monotony of the usual gameplay.

Each must be defeated at the end of each area: green (poison/nature), red (fire), blue (cold), white (physical).

Coming along. The new tiger and tortoise heroes each need skills designed and programmed. Then I must finish the interfaces for the free and premium content section. Some of the newer hats need perks; the fashion statements are insufficient.

18 Hats! Names changed on specific ones, to avoid infringing on copyright

These are all the things I have written to accomplish, before I depart this Airbnb on the 15th that I have been renting for one month. This place comes with an amazing desk, TV (second monitor). The chair looks funny, but is comfortable and the correct height.

Afterward, I'll get on a bus or train to the next country which out here is only ever 4-8 hours away. Whether I stay a week or month, I like to write down a list of tasks to accomplish. In the games industry, these are called milestones, yet my "office" changes along with it.

There is a specific publisher I would like to work with, but only after I create a trailer video. This will be the third time I go for a sales route by selling copies.