Saturday, July 13, 2019


The tortoise and tiger heroes each have been programmed.

The tortoise is capable of temporarily polymorphing enemies (including bosses), creating an ice comet that damages all enemies, and energizing all heroes to cast their special skills. A very supportive hero.

The ice comet is unstable damage, meaning it does between one to maximum damage randomly. The fox can create a fire comet, but is guaranteed to do specific damage. I want to discourage players from using the tortoise for damage over supportive purposes.

The tiger is like a paladin, able to fully heal a hero, burn all armor of an enemy (unless immune), and deliver a strong melee fire attack despite hurting himself/herself in the process.

There are eight heroes, with five weapons and three skills each (64 things total). Also there are nineteen enemies, three bosses, a dozen trinkets, a dozen special gems, and eighteen hats.

...This is sufficient. I am ready to put this all together.

I'm now working on the free and premium content sections. Daily rewards, premium content, and other things like this.

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