Sunday, July 14, 2019

Daily Rewards

I went with a really simple approach for daily rewards. One can be chosen every 24 hours, which can give coins, consumables, or a new item.

I did not bother to prevent cheating, where users can change their system clock to reduce the countdown from the next reward; I only prevent the bug of the time difference surpassing 24 hours. Games get hacked and redistributed either way, regardless of counter-measures.

Actually each of these boxes can grant the same reward, assuming it was tapped at a specific moment down to the millisecond; time determines the random seed to determine the contents. There is no predetermined reward contained in each of these boxes, it is determined based on the time it was opened.

I prefer to at least give the illusion of choice, by offering an array of options to choose from.

Super Mario 3 does something similar. There is a bonus stage where Toad offers three chests to choose from. According to this source, the actual reward is determined by the time it was opened, regardless of the chest chosen.

Sorry for destroying the magic behind this...

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