Friday, July 26, 2019

Synty Sale

Synty has another sale on minimal 3D models for Unity and Unreal. This sale occurred at an opportune moment because just a week ago these caught my eye as I was browsing the Unity asset store.

Low poly models have a particular look that I admire. Stylish, modern, and optimal for mobile devices. I plan to license all of these packs, even if I do not ever use certain ones. There are unlimited possibilities, and having these on hand to drag-and-drop will allow new ideas to flourish.

Regardless of the assets I use (or create) I am not inclined to make another RPG or survival shooter for my 18th project. Lately, simulation, puzzle, or physics interests me more. I would like to use certain audio and music, plus lighting and color tones through screen effects to emphasize mood.

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