Saturday, July 25, 2020

Fantasy Fighter Arena

Since this is now public information, I am permitted to share the prototype being developed by a small team I joined at KI. The game is called Fantasy Fighter Arena and this video should be self-explanatory:

I joined near the end of the prototype, so I have the advantage of learning from an existing code-base and custom tool set. It has been a marvelous learning experience for me as a game developer and engineer.

Below is a prototype from last year.

Friday, July 3, 2020

KingsIsle Entertainment

I have suspended all operations by joining one of the small mobile game development teams at KingsIsle Entertainment. Based on the first week, I can easily say it has been an ideal choice for me. I am striving to be a valuable engineer on this agile team, and really admire the creative direction and production style.

Members of KingsIsle Entertainment (photo taken before pandemic, I am not in this photo)

I have worked on big-budget console and PC games on a large team, was a sole developer for Web and mobile games, and now I have found an ideal middle of the road.