Tuesday, April 21, 2015

How I Escaped the Dungeon of Torment

This past weekend was Ludum Dare #32! This is my "compo" entry, where the rules were to make a game in 48 hours, including all art, audio, and virtually all the code, centered around the top-voted theme: "Unconventional Weapon".

I make a strong attempt to participate in every game jam that comes along. It's a refreshing experience. This one, titled "How I Escaped the Dungeon of Torment" takes place inside a dungeon with treasure chests scattered, filled with marvelous weapon attachments such as jagged swords and druid vases. When the hero attaches each piece to his whip, the stats of the weapon are modified; the goal is to escape the dungeon by forcing open the door.

Oh wait. The dungeon actually is a storage shed. Those treasure chests are just boxes filled with random hardware tools and accessories. The hero attempting to escape, is just a child with an expansive imagination, writing in a diary as if being an epic fantasy tale.