Saturday, December 6, 2014

Last Town

After a long auction, Last Town has been primarily sponsored and released on!

This one strayed far from the original vision, starting as a strategic time-optimization game. Crafting the story was an organic process and the strategic features paired easily with the isometric board. I think Zombie Tactics has a better story than Last Town, but this one has far fewer bugs and provides a greater challenge while retaining that casual feel offered in most of my games.

This was my first license sold to Newgrounds - a site that emerged in the mid 90s, one of the first to offer Flash games. At fourteen years old in suburban America, it was my first exposure to Flash animation and movies. Even at the time, the site offered an eclectic spectrum of content ranging from genuinely artistic movies with deep ethical messages, to games on controversial topics presented uncensored and recklessly. As a teen, it was experienced as an underground oasis of digital art. The site has retained its identity and cultural spot on the net over the years. I am proud to be sponsored by them.