Sunday, June 4, 2017


In four months from now, I will be on a plane to begin my new life as a "digital nomad". This is a relatively new movement that consists of individuals who earn a living through the Internet, and work remotely as they travel sporadically.

There is no doubt my current residence of six years and social community has a lot of benefits. It is safe and we have everything we could ever need. Still, I constantly feel strained and weighed down in a way that is difficult to convey without getting into details.

...Yup! Drastic change is imminent. Vacations only have a short lasting effect on me. I need a complete change in lifestyle.

I leave October 3rd to stay in Thailand for seven months. From there, probably Vietnam, South Korea, and Japan. I am spiritually connected to Asian culture, and, I am very introverted so traveling solo is quite appealing to me. I will take my laptop and bare necessities, working on game projects wherever I go.

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