Tuesday, June 11, 2019


All the trinkets for passive bonuses are finished. Also about a dozen prearranged battles.

These are unlocked items that can be equipped for small bonuses.

In other words, the first half-hour of the game is playable. I just need to add a revised interactive tutorial, new icon, and a bunch of new creatures and weapons. I noticed many sprites being blurry, so I have been adjusting the texture import settings.

Only near the very end will I begin to remove all unnecessary assets to reduce the file size. The compressed package for Android is about 50mb, which is as large as I want it to be. In a Unity project, anything inside the Resource folder is included in the file, so I will eventually need to trim the excess.

I want to add at least two new animal heroes. The art and animation will be a good break between the long programming sessions.

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