Saturday, June 22, 2019

New Heroes

A couple new heroes to complete the roster: Tortoise and Tiger. I wanted to have two heroes for each of the elemental gem colors of white, red, blue, green (eight heroes total). One caster and one fighter for each color, except white which is physical so both the gorilla and mouse are fighters.

Some failed concepts were a lion and squirrel. The squirrel looked too similar to the fox, and the lion was just a mess. The head is the most important part and the slightest error in shape can impact the entire look. Still, nothing looked worse than the polar bear concept a few months back... absolutely terrifying.

Enemies are easier to create than heroes. I figure about 8-12 more for the desert/volcano and castle stages will be sufficient. In the end, a lot of the effort will be in game balance, introductory interactive tutorial, and a trailer video with licensed music.

I'm very satisfied with how the game feels, especially compared to Match 3 Fantasy. This is an entirely new game built on all that tech and content by changing the flawed design.

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