Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Defend your nuts!

What a busy week! This first week being indie has really flown by. But somehow, very little of it was spent on actual development! Insurance, rolling over retirement, packing and moving out, unpacking and moving in, registering an LLC, etc. I am confident that things will settle down. Yesterday was the first full day I got to spend on the new project. I have many ambitious design ideas, but I am going to play the next project safe and make a fun defend-the-castle type game. I need to improve my skills as an artist before I whip out the wild cards, plus I love defense games.

I started off by putting on my programmer's hat and whipped up some placeholder art and basic game code:

Then I put on my artist's hat and replaced the few assets:

I considered a rich prince who defended his treasure, but that's boring, so I changed that idea to a squirrel protecting his nuts. I know games don't have to make sense, but this game is going to need more substance and some improvements to the background. In the meantime, here are some sketches of some potential undead enemies:


levelofdetail said...

I'm digging the background art!

Dineyin said...

Looking Good! those skeletons look hilarious