Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bees, flies, and angry bunnies

The game is 80% done.. which realistically means the game is half done, because the final tasks tend to be small but very large in quantity so it can all take longer than expected. I added some flying creatures that can snatch acorns on the branches, and annoying bunny rabbits that are small and difficult to shoot. My friend has a garden so he requested that the bunny be the most ruthless creature of them all. I don't look forward to balancing this game.. it's going to be the most time consuming and challenging task.

I'm glad that most of the interface work is out of the way. I've purposely avoided putting text on the screen because I estimate only 50-60% of the players will speak English, according to the statistics from Pigs Can Fly.

Some things I still have to do: main menu (if necessary), monster info ui, weapon upgrades, baby rockets for bazooka, fence/wall shake, a few effects, game over screen, game win screen, acorn indicator, audio and music.


Keeping Pace said...

Please please please say you're still going to name it "Defend Your Nuts". Even though I don't have nuts, I'd totally play a game for that name alone.

The game is looking great. I can't wait to see the finished project!

Elliot said...

Okay :) Consider it named.