Sunday, May 8, 2011

FlashPlayerDebugger.exe is already in use

I love FlashDevelop, but in many cases it can lock up FlashPlayerDebugger.exe, thus forcing me to have to kill it manually through the task manager. This can be automated by inserting this into the Pre-Build Command Line in Project|Properties...|Build:

taskkill /f /fi "IMAGENAME eq FlashPlayerDebugger.exe"

And for Adobe AIR development, you would probably want to close adl.exe as well, so insert this line too:

taskkill /f /fi "IMAGENAME eq adl.exe"

Hmmm... and if I really wanted to, then I could have FlashDevelop also execute my batch file that backs up my specified directories to an external hard drive:

XCOPY c:\_Art G:\_Art /d /s /e /c /i /h /r /k /o /y /f
XCOPY c:\_Code G:\_Code /d /s /e /c /i /h /r /k /o /y /f
XCOPY c:\_DLBackup G:\_DLBackup /d /s /e /c /i /h /r /k /o /y /f
XCOPY c:\_Photos G:\_Photos /d /s /e /c /i /h /r /k /o /y /f
XCOPY c:\_Website G:\_Website /d /s /e /c /i /h /r /k /o /y /f

I use git for source control, and push the project daily to the external hard drive, but this batch file additionally does a hard backup of all my important files including the projects. If nothing needs to be updated, then it executes in less than five seconds. This is good enough for my needs. I'm thinking of additionally doing some automated encryption and source control to my dropbox or web server.

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