Sunday, April 24, 2011

Going Indie

After long and careful consideration, I have resigned from my position as a graphics programmer for Firaxis Games and go independent. This is actually not an uncommon occurrence in this industry. Independent game development for mobile devices and even major consoles is hot. It is a golden age. It is easier than ever to distribute games made in a bedroom to millions of players, and although the market may seem saturated, quality matters more than ever.

So what actually triggered my decision to go indie? I could write pages about it. In a way, everything just fell into place... To start things off, I am very well off financially and my cost of living has been reduced to almost nothing. I prefer smaller projects, and I cherish the freedom to work whenever and wherever I please. The success of my first game pushed me over the edge.

My short term plan is to develop Flash games in 2-8 week development cycles and collect sponsorship and ad revenue. My long term plan is to invest in the successful games by developing a sequel for multiple platforms. Rinse and repeat.

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