Monday, May 6, 2019


In traditional RPGs, stunning a creature prevents any actions from taking place. But can a stun be interrupted? Once a stun wears off, can the creature immediately take its turn, or does removing the stun count as its turn?

Take for instance the panda, which can "stun" a creature with the bamboo strike skill. Rather than apply a stun debuff that temporarily prevents actions, perhaps denoted with an icon or persistent particle effect, the game instead just increments the turn counter with a conspicuous animation. A stun particle effect does not need to be persistent either, because the only important information is the turn counter.

This change actually makes a lot more sense. To me the challenge of game design is about simplification by removing ambiguity and anything unnecessary.

Tip info about the panda, by tapping and holding

Also I am reverting back to a simpler upgrade system for all weapons and skills. I have extended beyond five stars, to eight. These upgrades not only cost in-game currency, but require the hero to be a specific level. This requirement prevents the player from maxing out just one weapon or skill early on while neglecting everything else.

New upgrades screen

I am actually having fun with this. And if I am having fun, then surely I am onto something.

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