Saturday, February 29, 2020


I met another remote worker from Germany, and we were discussing what we do. She searched my project by name and to my surprise, there is already a YouTube video posted of Zombie Guard 2.

I would rather the game not get this much attention early on, so I may suspend it until there are more features. I have adequate feedback of the first missions.

Gatling Gun

Quad Blaster (placeholder art)


Recently I finished some new weapons. But more importantly, I have decided on how to proceed with the game as a whole...

I will permit the player to gain experience and level up, to gain skill points to spend on various perks. Some of these perks will be used to increase the maximum rank of certain types of weapons, upgraded with in-game currency. Plus missions are going to be selected through a new menu system that is currently in development.

It took a lot of effort to contemplate these decisions. I do not want to choose the wrong option, especially when it comes to how multiplayer will fit in through the new missions menu. I think I solved it.

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