Wednesday, November 20, 2019


It seemed necessary to include melee weapons. The collision is checked with a line segment during a key frame of the animations. At first it was not working correctly at all times, so I used Debug.DrawLine which showed me I was not properly setting a transform to the correct parent object.

I'm putting effort into better animations, and properly using a multiplier in code for the animation speeds so feet do not appear to skate across the ground. The Spine tool for animation is really practical and allows multiple animations to be blended together automatically, like walking, swinging, and pain reactions, all simultaneously.

Spine Animation Tool

Also the shader has been modified, so I can apply additive and modulated tints. As soon as I did this, it became clear that some bullet projectiles were hitting multiple targets if collided in the same frame, so this has been fixed by adding a flag that permits only one target.

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