Sunday, November 17, 2019

Half dozen weapons

I got four weapons to show, plus more just about finished. Some extra effort was necessary for the green ooze gun which creates debris and a puddle. These components can be reused just by changing the sprites.


Mini Blaster

Ricochet Cannon


The projectile system will automatically use ray-casting for continuous collision, if it is moving faster than a certain speed. There is absolutely no gun or projectile specific code in the small projectile system, because everything is data-driven through code. There are all kinds of ways of doing this, but this works best for me in the long run.

Projectile data for the Ricochet Cannon above.
Member variables are not readonly because I do change these values live.

This style is kinda something I derived from Quake games written in C, my first exposure to game code. The style just kinda stuck with me. I could instead just use more prefabs and the Unity editor interface, but I prefer code to easily search and manipulate many at once if necessary.

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