Monday, December 2, 2013


*Snap* Long story short, I have a spiral-fracture on my distal humerus, just above the elbow, almost severing the radial nerve. The two pieces of bone were disjoint. In other words, my dominant arm will be in a brace for six weeks, forearm hanging in a sling from my neck. Two weeks down, four more to go. The pain has subsided before my frustration.

Thankfully, Zombie Tactics basically is finished and being auctioned off to a sponsor. You could say this incident occurred at a "convenient" time.

I am unable to draw to produce art assets in the meantime. Using the mouse is a tad awkward with my left hand. At least I can still type 85wpm using an additional keyboard, flipped upside down and positioned like a guitar on my lap.

I'm attempting to be 90% finished with code and design on my next unannounced game by mid January, allowing me to perform an art pass once I get my arm back. I was planning to pursue a similar development process anyways. I still love working on tiny projects.

From my perspective, I get to begin 2014 with my arm back, and a much greater appreciation of being self-employed. I have learned to be more thankful for my health, skills, and opportunity to do what I love.


pepperpunk said...

Ouch, hope you have a smooth recovery.

As it happens I broke a toe a couple of days ago (rushed to answer the door, smacked it into the corner of a door frame which wedged between two toes and cracked one off at an angle). Nowhere near as breaking bad as arm so I'll definitely work through it, especially after reading this post. I'm amazed you're still going without the use of your primary hand, I don't know if I'd have even tried to work through that. Good luck with the sponsorship, you deserve a good 5 figures after all that!

All the best,

- pepper :)

Elliot said...

A broken toe sounds very painful! We are more fragile than we believe. All the best with the healing process!

Anonymous said...

rest for a while and stay good, both of you, injured men :)