Saturday, July 27, 2013

All abilities are functional

I have just completed all the special abilities, getting things ready for balance and play-testing.

That innocent looking scientist has quite a few tricks up his sleeve, definitely a worthy member to the player's party. Don't mess with the nurse either.

Meanwhile the athlete with the red hat is trying to determine whether to call his soccer ball a football for non US and Canadian gamers... but then what would he call his other football? You know, the brown oval shaped one. Awkward.

I plan to allow two inventory slots per human for additional benefits and perks. For example, weapons allow a free hit at the beginning of the player's turn. Other items can regenerate health, increase damage, and even award an extra turn.

Critically, half the entertainment value of this game will be in the progression on a macro scale - finding new allies, leveling them up, collecting equipment, discovering new areas and zombie types. Surprises around every corner can keep a player interested. The player will have a great deal of freedom this time, compared to predetermined battles and loot in my previous games.