Friday, March 22, 2013

PAX East

I will be attending PAX East in Boston! This will be my first visit, so I am stoked. The trip should be easy considering I will be going with someone, while stopping midway in New Haven, Connecticut, for sights of historic lighthouses and museums, and tastes of some classic American restaurants.

It is great leaving at a good stopping point. I just spent two days trying to build Goat Mechanic for iOS because of certificate and entitlement garbage. Anyone who has made an iOS app knows the number of potential problems because the process is more sensitive than a rotten cavity. To me, the number of possible solutions to each problem is worse.

It turns out my Mac Mini is now five years old; it cannot be upgraded to Mountain Lion OS X with the latest version of Xcode that Corona now requires. I have to use an earlier build, so hopefully there are no severe issues later down the road.

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