Friday, February 22, 2013

Throwing javelins at zombies

I have drawn multiple layers of background art to create a parallax scrolling effect. Currently I have a desert and dark forest, with maybe two or three more to come. Despite the simplicity, this art style for backgrounds can be a challenge to pull off.

Javelins are working too. They impale and get stuck in the ground or an enemy's body part. I tested all this on a Samsung Galaxy to ensure the animations are smooth and the controls feel solid.

I want to finish all the art this month, and then do all the programming in March.

Meanwhile I have been testing and fixing my traffic game before opening it up to others for beta testing. I found a good soundtrack from my usual source for royalty-free music.

Tentative icon


levelofdetail said...

.... the icon needs to be a goat. Did you remove the goat from the game?

Elliot said...

Yup, the goat is gone in this remake :)

rinalds said...

how do you make text outlined dynamically - like highscores and such.

Elliot said...

Hi, in Flash I create a MovieClip of many characters, one character per frame. I duplicate it and use the ink bottle tool to create outlines. I export both as SWF for Spriteloq, then use them in two display groups in Corona. Download example here.

For buttons and some static text, I just export them as images from Flash without dynamically creating them.

levelofdetail said...

How could you leave a brilliant animal mascot like Goat Mechanic laying on the cutting room floor?

Elliot said...

Well, the goat actually did die in the making of the game because the special effects team was on strike. But I can hire a replacement!