Friday, July 29, 2011

Beta has been reached!

The current tower-defense project has reached beta! This means all the systems are finished, so it is bug fixing and careful balancing from here on out! My plan is to spend the next week working on loose ends and sprinkling some polish everywhere. Then the week after will be full playtesting on as many mobile devices as possible before it gets submitted to the online app stores for iOS and Android. It does take about a week for Apple to approve an app, so realistically the game should be live by mid August.

At this point there are quite a lot of features that will need careful tweaking and balancing. For example, the player receives benefits from upgrades, items and achievements. Then there are seven heroes with four different upgrades each. Not to mention, 20 unique levels that need the strength of the enemies balanced independently. It's all roughed out and playable. Each revision makes a tremendous difference that only increases the fun factor.

I scrapped the volcano theme and replaced it with a beach theme, because artistically it was far easier to pull off. There is also a new treasure chest "hero" that collects gold within a small radius (think of the thief in Crystal Defenders).

This has been a really enjoyable experience so far. Normally progress on a game slows down near the end, but this one actually picked up in speed because it became easier to work with Lua and Corona. I'm sure the next mobile game will be even easier.

Oh, and I selected my sponsors for Defend Your Nuts! The auction went very well and surpassed my expectations! But more on that later...

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