Saturday, March 31, 2018

Milestone reached

There I sat today, in one of my favorite cafes in Chiang Mai called Ombra. It is decorated with American and European antiques. Organized, to avoid seeming gaudy or noisy. It feels like visiting someone's home. Alternative rock plays in the background, from a hidden speaker near the unplugged record player. A typewriter sits on a display desk, near books and records of classic rock bands. The hot cafe lattes contrast with the cold air-conditioning. I realize hours have passed, when my laptop alerts me that its battery is running low.

Other days I may visit the London Tea Room, which is like sitting in the lobby of Fawlty Towers.

The spacious cafe called CAMP is open 24/7 on the top floor of the nearby mall. The usual selection of Thai food vendors are just one convenient escalator ride down.

But back on track, I deployed a build of my game to my Android phone and then left Ombra. It looks and sounds great, thanks to my shopping sprees in the Unity asset store and This game has a lot of potential if I keep at it. Here I am holding it up in my apartment, before going out for dinner around the corner:

Unlike my previous titles, I plan to go for an early release, but continue to nurture it full-time. It will get the attention it deserves through additional characters, items, features, and things requested by the community. The first version probably will only contain 50% of the anticipated total content to allow for flexibility.

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