Monday, July 10, 2017

Gassy Goat - Gameplay Trailer!

Well, I have dusted off the nearly finished project of Gassy Goat! This is a game that I put off from completing about a year ago. Honestly, I really did not want to finish it a year ago - I was so tired of playtesting it; beating it from start to finish was just arduous. Now after time has passed, I can see it as a newcomer, where some features are better or worse than I recalled. It is bittersweet.

Here is a trailer gameplay video I made last night:

"Hey, this is actually kind of fun" I thought to myself while perpetuating the goat into the air while grappling onto birds and other animals. Likely this game will do quite well for the casual gaming audience. There is very little text so localization into other languages is unnecessary.

In other words, the game is now complete, so that's a bit of weight off my shoulders.

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