Saturday, August 10, 2013


Recently I took a trip to the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. Currently in the atrium is a special "mouse exhibit" that had on display over a hundred items in a dark room, ranging from toys to tools. Supposedly its purpose is to overwhelm the viewer by everyday objects, due to the large number of pieces, each demanding equal attention. The viewer, like a mouse, scans around a cluttered room. There is no focal point of the art.

At least that was my impression of it all.

In a way, I used it as inspiration to create these 61 items for my game. There are eight items per category with the exception of special rare equipment, tentatively sorted in ascending order of power. Each human can equip one on the left panel, plus one on the right.

I need a few junk items too, so I suppose the total will be bumped up to a nice and even 64, power of two.

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Entertainment with one day of hard work.