Monday, May 20, 2013

Project "Paladin" has reached beta!

At last! My current game for iOS and Android has reached beta status. This project has evolved tremendously over the past month. Now I can finally play it and make adjustments here and there. It has a very similar feel as many of my Flash games for the web.

Kindle Fire, Samsung Galaxy, iPad.

Meanwhile, Goat Mechanic has been sitting in beta ever since I started this project. It looks like both will be released at the same time near the end of this month.

I am using an older version of Corona to build my apps for iOS. Why? Well, my Mac Mini is capped at Snow Leopard OSX rather than the latest Mountain Lion version. Mountain Lion is now mandatory for the latest versions of Corona, because of changes in Apple's SDKs and possibly others reasons.

It is really frustrating to work with Apple because the company leverages software updates to phase out hardware rapidly, forcing customers to upgrade everything. Worse, it took me hours to figure out it was an operating system issue. It is not fun to stare at vague compiler errors all day, regarding infamous entitlements and other plist garbage. It is especially not fun to realize that my Mac Mini is becoming a paperweight, as I only use it to build iOS apps.

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