Saturday, January 19, 2013

Ludum Dare Port

I am pleased to announce that my Ludum Dare compo entry "Goat Mechanic" did quite well! It placed #15 overall, and #5 most fun out of the thousand entries. Graphics ranked #19, but audio understandably took #169 because I only had 15 minutes for it. I mentioned earlier that I am participating in, so my first out of the twelve is going to be a port for iOS and Android with additional features.

The game includes a total of 18 items and 5 levels. It was suggested that I take this to touch devices, so here it is! The sub-theme of the Ludum Dare compo was "goats", so for this mobile version I gladly removed it. The game blends elements from the Scratch Tickets app I made last year. Realistically, although it only needs one more week of development for minor features and audio, it will be released in February because of all the extra time Apple requires to approve apps.


Tronster said...

Congrats on your Ludum Dare work. Also wrapping up my first onegameamonth entry in my nights and weekends.

Are there any special techniques/pipeline you use in order to create some of the tedious, but necessary art pieces of the game. (e.g., UI buttons, etc...)?

Elliot said...

Hi Tronster, thanks! I'll be on the lookout for your #1GAM entry.

All my buttons use the same smooth edged rectangle with a bevel filter on it. I boost the colors for touch events (lighter color) and when disabled (gray). These turn into three frames for Spriteloq for my Corona app.

Other pieces like shop items are placed in Flash, exported as pieces, and then reassembled based on their positions that become hardcoded into the game. It can be tedious, but it works for me.

I only support standard and hd resolutions, so all positions get multiplied either by 1 for 480x320 or 2.1 for hd 1024x768.