Sunday, April 8, 2012

Zombie progress

Lately I've been making a lot of progress on the current zombies defense game. I have decided to keep it in its Flash form and find a sponsor for the web. Why? Because my experiment of pursuing a dual Flash + mobile release of Pigs Will Fly shows that it was not really worth the extra work - I would have been better off with the usual sponsorship route.

This is definitely not a game for kids.

There will be random loot and events that occur. Hey, this is a zombie apocalypse so there should be surprises around every corner. Usually the last enemy of a round will drop some question marked bag which must be opened to proceed.

For example, here are some pills that were looted. You can either eat them for potentially a positive effect, or sell them for cash to upgrade your weapons. These little surprises should keep things interesting in between battles.

I should be finished with the beta in two weeks from now - April 21st.

Speaking of simplicity, I also have a couple freemium games planned for iOS and Android. I notice a burst of activity every time I update ones of my apps (iTunes bumps it back to the top) so I want to develop several free games over time that feature in-app purchases. It does seem like a good way to experiment with ideas.

No, it will not be another defense or puzzle game that reaches a limited audience on the phones. I am thinking even simpler than that - games that anyone can play. Fortunately each initial release can be achieved within 1-2 weeks of development time and I can scrap the ones that don't go anywhere.

Also it looks like I've been indie for one year! I am going to call today the end of my freshman year.


fawster said...

Artwork looks great man. Congrats on having a successful year as an indie... Hope to continue to see more from you.

Speaking of which - really interesting blog. Great insight into your development thoughts. Keep up the fine work!

Elliot said...

Thank you.