Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pigs Will Fly for iOS and Android

Pigs Will Fly has been fully ported to support iOS and Android devices using Corona!

In programming terms, this means I copied and pasted Flash ActionScript code and revised it into Lua, rewriting some parts completely where necessary. A function was written to iterate through each level and dump all the body and joint data into a giant Lua-formatted table. The only challenge was getting the physics to behave identically.

In the photo you can see the game running on an iPad, Android phone, and a Kindle Fire! The game automatically uses HD graphics settings for tablets, and standard resolution otherwise. I prefer to use letterbox scaling to maximize the screen space and maintain aspect ratios across all devices. The Kindle Fire has the strangest aspect ratio, so black borders are automatically drawn to cover up the unused space. Some would say that it's ugly, but I don't mind.

Pigs Will Fly will be released for the Apple App Store, Android Market, Amazon App Store, and probably the Nook App Store as well. A very tentative release date is March 1st.

The free-to-play Flash web version will be released at my own discretion. To be honest, currently there are no limitations on the web version, and on the contrary, is easier to play compared to handheld devices! However, it will not be primarily/exclusively sponsored, so the only advertisements will be buttons to purchase or gift the handheld version.

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