Thursday, October 6, 2011

Art update

Progress on the new project is going very well. I am cranking out characters and environments while planning the story. I want at least six more characters. Currently there are 18 weapons, but that will go up to 30 once I begin to paint the crossbows. It sounds like a lot, but each weapon is categorized for a particular animation set, so no additional work needs to be done. The backgrounds are overlayed with a dirty texture. There is a visible seam down the center of each environment, but it will be fixed.

The two unarmed characters and the jester are friendly townsfolk.

Next comes the fun frame-by-frame special effects for spells, such as fireballs and explosions. I found this inspirational article that describes the basics.


levelofdetail said...

Holy hell man everything is looking really good!

Elliot said...

Thanks, I'm having a blast!

Jack Breuer said...

Stunning! This game looks very great. I just didn't understood which platform it will be? iPad/Phone and/or flash? Both would be amazing. Instant buy!

Another question: I'm "addicted" to Kongregate and I just read in your profile comments, that you want to release your newest game (Defend your nuts) there. Are you still planing to do this? I would love you for this :)

Elliot said...

Thanks, the game will be for both Flash and iOS, and later Android. DYN should be on Kong, but that site does not allow games using the ArmorGames API, that I would have to rip out by merging change lists. I just never got around to it yet. Maybe in the future.

Jack Breuer said...

Would be awesome if could do this at some point.
By the way, I think that you could also leave the Armor Games API as they are. Several other games did it (like Zomgies 2 from LongAnimals which even got badges on Kong with Armor Games Highscore)