Thursday, June 2, 2011

Beta is finished!

At last the new game has reached beta status. This means I can begin collecting feedback to make some final changes. This was originally a four week project, but I invested an extra week into additional features: achievements, a leaderboard, and language localization.

I found a nifty way to get the game translated into a total of 16 languages (the screenshots show simplified Chinese and German) powered by Babelfish when possible and Google for the rest (Babelfish is more reliable). I write an html file that contains my text (written like an array in ActionScript with apostrophes and commas), upload it to the web as a webpage, get it translated, and then copy and paste. The rest is just programming where the subtitles go.

Thankfully I know a bit of Spanish so I was able to spot some problem cases. The text is simplified as much as possible. For example, rather than "Leaderboard" I wrote "The Winners", and rather than "Achievements" I wrote "Trophies". There are still some problem cases (like I used "mine" instead of "landmine" so it creates some hilarious sentences for the achievement), but it's good enough.


levelofdetail said...


Keeping Pace said...

Brandon showed me the Beta last night with the changes you made over the weekend. I think you've got a really great game here, Elliot! I look forward to playing it once you launch it!

Casey said...

Forsaken Archer!?

Elliot said...

Thanks for the support Kendra.

Haha Casey. Don't get me started! I haven't played since February!

Casey said...

But is obviously on your mind! Haha. Game looks great Elliot. I'm super impressed.