Sunday, September 11, 2016

Adobe Animate CC and CocoonJS

Wow.. wow.. wow..! I downloaded the trial for the new Adobe Animate CC. Not only does it fully support HTML5, but it is fast. I took my HTML5 test project, uploaded it to CocoonJS and it spat out an Android APK app at full landscape resolution. It runs just fine at full frame rate.

In other words.. this is going to save me a lot of time. I can now create HTML5 web apps quickly, with the easy option to deploy to the mobile app stores.

It simply works.


APEKung said...

keep going! i would love to read your stuff.
btw, i'm flash programmer moving to html5
Do you have any advice? :))

Elliot Pace said...

Yes. HTML5 is not nearly as complicated with the new game engines and programs like Adobe Animate. Here is my base code which uses LiveScript:
Take a peak at what JavaScript Animate generates and how to utilize it with custom scripts. LiveScript just generates JavaScript, you can download the lsc compiler and use the command lsc -wc to continuously watch and compile the file.