Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tooth quest

Zombie Situation currently is being reviewed highly by testers on FGL! The game will get another week of full-time development, because it could use some more features and perhaps a story.

In the meantime, I have pretty much figured out what my next game will be. It will be a jumping tooth armed with weapons to fight against evil candies and sweets. Would you believe me if I told you that it will feature a story? Yes, it is incredibly weird, but I'm tired of the usual themes of orcs, skeletons, soldiers, zombies, mages, knights, etc.

It started with me creating this playable prototype of jumping around shooting black lines with the keyboard and mouse. My roommate said the lines look like toothpicks. Initially, I wanted to correct him and say they represent arrows or something typical like that. But then I thought why not toothpicks? The rest of this story will be history.

This is some art I drew to help visualize the theme. None of this is final of course (not even the title). This just gives me something to work with.

Just like Zombie Situation, this is going to be another 4-6 week development cycle, and will be sponsored once things are final. As an indie developer, I have experimented with different ways to monetize my work (especially on the mobile platform), and my experience has shown that Flash with sponsorship works the best for me.


levelofdetail said...

When I read the description of the tooth game I definitely did a "WTF!?" but when I saw the picture I was sold.

Elliot Pace said...

The morning after I had a "WTF was I thinking?" reaction.. but I'm still going for it :)