Friday, September 22, 2017

New avenues, new inner perspective

So there I was, sitting in the communal lounge area of a New York City hotel. The lobby was filled with chit chat, microwave beeps, and reverberated sound effects of the nearby TV. I made small talk with a few other guests. On the table before me was my laptop, a cup of coffee, and some dinner purchased from around the block. Easily I was typing away code. It was a very comfortable environment; a fresh ambiance with beneficial distractions.

I picked up my approved visa the following morning and stopped in to visit the inside of the United Nations and several shops, between first and second avenue. I was a newcomer to that part of the city. Google Fit recorded over 20 miles walked, where I definitely "stopped to smell the roses" along the way. I allowed my feet to rest while riding on public transit back home to Pennsylvania with my laptop open, and fingers typing away Unity scripts.