Thursday, August 9, 2018


For August I have settled into a comfortable modern studio apartment on the western side of Hanoi. Kitchenette, large bathroom, air-conditioner, great desk, and very spacious. Each month is different, as I hop from one city or town to another.

One of the many lakes on the western side.

The Old Quarter of Hanoi on the eastern side.
The Old Quarter on the eastern side is only a Grab motorbike ride away. There are plenty of landmarks and live shows.

This city is more dense compared to other cities of Vietnam. It is easy to walk around and explore the narrow roads that all seem to lead to delicious fragrant food like traditional phở, best enjoyed with sweet iced-coffee or fruit smoothies to cool off during these warm days.

Northern-style phở.
(More onion, clearer broth, no side basket of herbs, but more variety of sauces)
Here on the western side, I am living in a Japanese and Korean neighborhood, with a hint of Russian influence due to the nearby embassies. I buy fruit every other day at the local market, interacting with locals with as much Vietnamese that I can speak and understand. I am thoroughly enjoying everyday out here.

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