Saturday, October 14, 2017

All settled in

A few days ago I have settled into a long term apartment in Chiang Mai! Basically everything has gone as planned. My first week in Chiang Mai was enjoyed, taking in as many sights and sounds as possible (photos link) and apartment hunting. Now, the long term lifestyle has kicked in.

The view from my balcony on the 8th (top) floor.

Inside the furnished room.

This residence is called The Dome, in an ideal location. It allows daily, short-term, and long-term rentals, priced accordingly. I opted for a standard room which is more than enough for me. I viewed about 10 apartment buildings. This one is newer and much cleaner, so it feels more welcoming as a home and office should.

Evidently how this building got its name.
It comes furnished with a king-size bed, flat TV (secondary monitor), wardrobe, large desk, bed side tables, fridge. Additionally, a dedicated router and microwave for heating food and water for coffee and tea. Each unit has its own bathroom. Downstairs is an American style cafe, lounge area, small laundromat, and small gym. Drinking water dispensers, cafes, grocery store, and restaurants are around the corner.

The monthly cost for this standard room is 6000THB a month, which is about 180USD. Plus, electric and additions, so the total is only 220USD a month. If you venture further away from the city center, there are some luxury apartments (video link) at about the same price point.

So far I have been very glad to have made this life changing transition. I have rescheduled my first border run to be in Siem Reap, Cambodia to see the Angkor Wat following a couple days in Bangkok to attend SIGGRAPH Asia 2017 that I just found out about.

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