Sunday, July 16, 2017

80 Days Remaining

There are only 80 days remaining until I fly out and begin my new life abroad!

I have already watched hours worth of YouTube videos and Netflix specials on Thailand, particularly the Northern city of Chiang Mai, where I will be living as an expat for at least six months. The area just seems so enchanting; there is a strong presence of Theravada Buddhism and prevalence of night markets, street vendors, and modern attractions. Thailand and the general region seems familiar to me.. after all, it should; I spent first and second grade in Myanmar, followed by third, fourth, and fifth in South Korea. Actually, I have lived half my life abroad (military family growing up). The sights and sounds of South East Asia particularly beckons my return.

Chiang Mai is one of the highest ranked destinations for individuals who earn a living through the Internet. It is clean with modern apartments and evidently is not short of restaurants and things to do and see.

Chiang Mai, highly ranked on
Plus, food especially is less expensive in Thailand compared to the US, leaving far more funds to splurge and invest. Recently I went out to have a nice dinner in Baltimore which cost around 30 bucks; I left a customary 15% tip of five dollars. In Chiang Mai, the five dollars gets you the entire damn dinner.

Asian cuisine actually is something I will never get tired of. The contrasting aromas and flavors of Thai cuisine particularly is like a kaleidoscope for the senses. I have my eye on some cooking classes in Chiang Mai, where I would be able to learn the traditional methods. Still, I would never be any match compared to an experienced street vendor.

"Chicken Khao Soi" - Wikipedia
Khao soi apparently is a popular dish in the region - a Burmese influenced noodle soup typically served with pork and crunchy fried egg noodles on top. I have yet to try this. I plan to forgo airline "food" in anticipation of what awaits.


APEKung said...
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APEKung said...

I am Thai , but i live in the east of thailand XD

i'm still following your blog,keep updating :))

Anonymous said...

Best wishes dude. I've been a fan of yours since Defend your Nuts 2 :) better defend them from ladyboys there lol

Elliot Pace said...

Lol, perhaps the lady boys will inspire Defend Your Nuts 3 ;) . I appreciate the support! I'm ecstatic to be on my own in a new cultural environment.